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    Summer Together Family Camp Summer 2020

    1. Choose your week, then choose whether or not you are a first timer from the drop down, tell us how many of you there are, and click "register." Planning to stay in the Campground? The First Timer week options are only for Chesapeake Lodge packages - please choose the other option for the week of your choice. (We recommend using a laptop or desktop to complete this reservation online.)

    2. You will be redirected to a secure registration page. Select the room type you prefer and click "Book Now." The "Conference hallway" leads toward, and is closest to, the meeting rooms and dining room, with bayview on one side and pool on the other. The "Bay hallway" points toward the bay, but not all those rooms are bayview - the other half have a lovely parking lot view. The "East hallway" has the pool on one side and parking lot on the other. Also, the front desk/entrance is on the first floor, but the dining room is on the third floor.

    PLEASE READ THIS: If you have a larger family that may not fit into one of our available rooms on a given week (6+), you may get this message: You have exceeded the maximum occupancy allowed, please re-enter. Just call us. That just means you will get a second room for the price of one!

    Please call us and we'll find a room (or two!) to fit your family! 800.234.2683

    3. Fill in your contact info.

    4. In the box, please list the names of each person. "Click Continue."

    5. On the next page, you will confirm your reservation and read the applicable cancellation policy. When you click "Book Now" your credit card will be charged immediately based on the following:

    • Prior to April 1, your card will be charged a $100 deposit.
    • During the month of April, your card will be charged one-third of your total cost.
    • During the month of May, your card will be charged one-half of your total cost.
    • Beginning June 1, your card will be charged your total cost.

    6. Our reservation team will then contact you to set up an easy payment plan (free financing!) or receive full payment.

    7. About 2-3 weeks prior to your arrival, look for an important email packed full of everything you need to know from the program team.

    PLEASE NOTE! (this does not apply to first time families) If you exceed family max of 4, and do not all fall within the family max parameters, go ahead and book and our team will manually adjust the pricing when they review it with you. (*Family max pricing-almost too good to be true! 4 is the most you pay for-we'll even provide a second room if you don't fit in just one. If you claim them on your taxes, they count toward family maxes!)

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    If you have any questions give us a call at
    800.234.COVE (2683) or 410.287.5433
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