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    Theater for the Thirsty 

    About Theater for the Thirsty

    Who: Jeremiah and Vanessa Gamble, aka Theater for the Thirsty.

    What: Entertaining and imaginative theater that explores redemptive themes and leaves your mouth feeling minty-fresh.

    We're Theater for the Thirsty – specializing in entertaining, music-infused, funny, thought-provoking, redemptive, soul stirring and imaginative theater. We have been creating and performing original works, professionally, for over twenty years. Our recipe is simple: incorporate well-crafted stories, a heavy dose of quality comedy, dynamic music, memorable characters, simple props, and NO MSG.

    Jeremiah and Vanessa Gamble are NOT brother and sister. They are married, a fact they happen to enjoy immensely. They have been involved in professional theater in the Twin Cities, both on camera and on stage for over twelve years. Their passion is creating and performing original works together through their theater company, Theater for the Thirsty. They portray over 100 different characters in their nine original shows–ranging from tone-deaf angels to cud-chewing cows. They graduated from Bethel University with degrees in theater and music. They make their home in Saint Paul, MN with their extremely cute kids Phoenicia, Eden and Obadiah. Together they create music, theater, laughter and pretty tasty chicken curry.