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    November 2-4, 2018 Craft Around the Clock

    Formerly Crop Around the Clock, this weekend is now open to all creative crafters!

    November 2-4, 2018

    Scrapbooks | Crochet | Wooden Tiles | Stamping | Knitting | You Name It!

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    Bring your "craft" and share it with everyone and make some wonderful new friendships while you are at it! Each person will be given a permanent table space for the weekend and Heritage Makers consultant, Cathy Miller, will be on hand for advice to help assist. When you need a break, curl up by a fireplace or re-energize in our fitness center! With no interruptions or family obligations you can get focused, get inspired, and get those projects done!

    Theme:  “Does Anyone Have a Clue?”   We are having a CLUE® game themed event based on the classic game of CLUE®.  On Saturday night all “characters” are invited to attend a CLUE® themed dinner and evening of entertainment. To qualify as a “character” you must come dressed as a “character” or in CLUE® terms as a “murder suspect.” Participation in this is always optional but doing so means you will earn a ticket for the grand prizes. Be sure to keep your identity a secret from your friends unless you dress up as a group.  More information on this will come in an email sent out to all attendees.

    Friday evening and Saturday morning/afternoon workshops:  Now that we are focusing more on crafting we are offering workshops on both Friday evening and Saturday morning/afternoon that you can participate in for a small fee. Tracie Clarke, a fellow scrapbooking enthusiast and crafter, has two fun projects she will share.  We have all seen the amazing things Karen Hoffman can do with a cigar box and she has offered to teach us how to create our own.  Plus, I saw an amazing wall hanging on Pinterest that I think many of you will enjoy creating to hang at Christmas.  More information including photos will be sent out in an email.

    • Start each day connecting with God during group devotions!
    • Chair massages available!
    • Workshops will be offered that highlight different crafts ($)
    • Snacks!
    • 24 hour fitness center!
    • Prayer Room and devotions!
    • All-you-can eat buffet meals!
    • Enclosed sports pool and hot tub!
    • Sunsets over the Bay!