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    December 1-2, 2019  Christmas Fling Celebration

    Ladies...come kick off the Christmas Season at Sandy Cove! Let us rejoice together in the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!

    The “Christmas Fling Celebration” begins with our “Sunday Celebration” of dinner, a message from Ellie and a concert with Babbie on Sunday evening and concludes with the “Monday Celebration” of morning messages, music and a lovely, formal seated lunch amid much fellowship and laughter.

    Christmas Fling

    Ellie's Sessions

    • COMFORT and JOY! How your Christmas can have BOTH…no matter WHAT is going on!
    • A STAR is BORN! Rising Stars, Shooting Stars, Hitch on a Star, Wish upon a Star, Star power, Star gazing, Starstruck, Starbucks...Why the MORNING STAR is the ONLY one that truly matters!