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    December 5-6, 2021

    Christmas Celebration

    Ladies, come kick off the Christmas Season at Sandy Cove!

    The festivities begin on Sunday, December 5, and conclude after lunch on Monday, December 6. We sure hope you'll join us for this special event - rates start at just $119 per person!

    Join guest speaker Ellie Lofaro as she shares the most comforting love story of all and a reminder about your identity as a Daughter of the King!

    Christmas: A Love Story
    A Practical Approach to 1 Corinthians 13

    There are thousands of definitions, prescriptions, philosophies and descriptions about what LOVE is --- and what it is not. What the world needs now is LOVE, sweet LOVE.  LOVE is blind.  LOVE makes the world go round.  LOVE is the answer. All ya need is LOVE. You’re nobody till somebody LOVES you. I LOVE ya man!!  You’ve heard them all.  LOVE  (or the lack of it,) is the most talked about, most written about, most analyzed, most sung about topic in the world. Everybody wants it, looks for it, needs it.  Madison Avenue sells imitations of it. Hollywood usually depicts warped variations of it. Politicians often manipulate it. Religious zealots distort it. But now more than ever, this world is so desperately in need of it.  

    Come and be encouraged by the most beautiful, life changing, tender, comforting LOVE STORY of all; the one that came from heaven. The Apostle John pronounced that “God is LOVE.”  The gift of Christmas is priceless. Let’s unwrap it together, because what the world really needs now is Jesus, sweet Jesus.

    Fear Not! 
    “It’s a jungle out there” might have been something your parents said about the world they lived in.  Sadly, trauma, stress and fear have taken on central roles in the times we now live in.  Learn the keys to help you tackle fear and anxiety with both practical and divine resources. We will look at how the Apostle Paul, Joshua, and even Jesus dealt with fear. You will be encouraged and equipped to walk more confidently in this very unpredictable world.

    How will you respond to these unprecedented times? With faith or fear? With a testimony or a complaint? As a princess or a pauper?  You will be reminded of your true identity as a Daughter of the King. You will be strengthened and bolstered to face whatever is in store for 2022 and YOU! 

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