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    About Tom Neary


    I am a lawyer, a pastor and someone forever grateful to Jesus.  I love studying the Bible and telling people about Jesus.  I am a beggar telling other beggars where to find bread.

    No matter where you are in life, I have been there.  I want to use what God taught me during those years to help you grow closer to Jesus.

    My family is truly wonderful now. The joy and peace in my life amaze me every day. But it was not always this way. My life was once a total mess. Sin almost destroyed me. I was exhausted from striving and struggling with life.

    I didn't go from totally lost to living a joyful Christian life in a moment. It took years of research, Bible study, and discipleship. It also took lots of tears and setbacks. Powerful forces come against us when we seek live a sold out life for Christ. God prepared me for sifting through all of the doctrines, arguments, and gimmicks that first kept me from Jesus and try to pull me off of the path to a mature life in Him.

    It was only the miraculous power of Jesus that I was saved. 

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