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    Caregivers' Retreat

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    This weekend will be hosted by Andrea Hampton and co-facilitated by Bob and Nancy Moore

    Nancy B. Moore, M. Ed., M.S. Christian Counseling

    My life journey has been all about partnering with people to solve problems.  The setting and the audience has changed many times, but the work has remained the same.  I've spent much of my adult life in the world of education-15 years in the traditional school setting, and another two decades working with children and teens who, for reasons related to emotional problems, physical problems, or learning style were unable to fully benefit from school. With my training in counseling, I am able to not only walk alongside someone experiencing difficulty, but to bring mental health support to them, and help them manage things that are necessary to keep daily life from becoming overwhelming and disappointing.  I understand struggles. I've had them, too. Jesus tells us that we are bound to have troubles, even as He did, in this imperfect world.  Because that is true, we all need support to access the power that God gives us to change what we can, and gain His perspective on the rest.   

    Robert  J. Moore,  M. Div., M. S., Psy. D.

    I shouldn't be here...but I am.  Many times in my life I've thought about my early and traumatic birth-and the fact that there was a reason I have been given life to live. Life took on new meaning when I was a teenager and responded to Jesus' invitation to receive the free gift of salvation.  My desire has always been to help people, and particularly to bring them to the fullness and healing they can experience through peace with God and a relationship with the people around them.  I spent 25 years pastoring three churches in Pennsylvania and New Jersey,  then moved into counseling and spiritual mentoring.  I have specialties in trauma, marriage and family, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, integration of spirituality and therapy, and establishing emotional connection. I have directed an intensive mental health outpatient program, worked in schools, inpatient facilities, a corporate clinical office, and currently in my private practice in-home.  I have also been an adjunct college professor, spoken in the community, and done radio and television recordings.  I have a passion to help people to experience the inner healing they need in their lives. As I interact with those seeking my help, my goal is to enable them to receive a little bit of heaven.

    Bob and Nancy Moore

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