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    Dr. Denise Rollins

    Breakout Speaker

    Dr. Denise Rollins lives her purpose every day by helping people maximize their results.

    She accomplishes that via the intersection of her various roles in business and education, including: business partner for the Gary L. Rollins Funeral Home; executive director of the Whole Heart Grief & Life Resource Center; and adjunct professor at Frederick Community College. Dr. Denise earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Maryland, College Park, a master’s in Thanatology from Hood College, and a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy from Eastern University. Her experience includes 25 years at a Fortune 100 company with leadership roles in accounting, human resources, diversity, training, sales, and consulting.

    As a business partner for the Gary L. Rollins Funeral Home, Dr. Denise is helping build a new facility and transition to the Rollins Life Celebration Center with a renewed focus of death care and grief care services. At the nonprofit Whole Heart Center, she coaches, consults, facilitates, and leads a team dedicated to helping people learn, grow and heal by using the communication and self-coaching models she developed. As an adjunct professor at Frederick Community College, she enjoys connecting with students to teach courses such as Death & Dying, Small Group Communication, and Public Speaking.

    Dr. Denise also serves on the national advisory boards for the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors and the Autism Bereavement Project.