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    Plays On Word Theater

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    Plays On Word Theater

    A dramatic narration of the life of Peter, a first century fisherman, who, after encountering Jesus, becomes a leader of the band of believers that would change the world.

    A narrative of both transformation and repentance, watch as one man moves from fisherman to FISHER of MEN. Through a lifelong journey with Jesus Christ, an unlikely hero is born.

    This play is packed with lessons we can all learn and an original musical score to get your toes tapping and your soul praising.

    Come enjoy a time of ORIGINAL MUSIC and DRAMA as one man offers all on a Spirit-led voyage. From fisherman to FISHER of MEN…an unlikely hero is born!

     About Fred David Kenney Jr.

    After years of creating great music and working with some of R&B’s well-known names like Kindred and the Family Soul, Vivian Green, Carol Riddick, Lady Alma and Jasmine Sullivan, producer/writer/performer Fred David Kenney, Jr. has taken center stage as founder and
    artistic director of Plays On Word Theater, a state-side nonprofit missionary. Performing an arsenal of one-man Biblical plays illuminating God’s truth throughout scripture, Fred adds an original musical score to his plays that illustrates (the unfurling of) a clear, preordained direction in Fred’s life.

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