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    Family Reunions

    Time for a Family Reunion?

    Plan a fun-filled family reunion at Sandy Cove

    Family Reunion at Sandy Cove

    A vacation that everyone in the family will enjoy!

    Invite the whole gang – aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas, grandpas, brothers and sisters – to a special Family Reunion during Sandy Cove’s Summer Together Family Camp. And we’ll take care of the rest…a full schedule of both playful and spiritual activities for toddlers to teens to adults!

    Each summer lots of families meet at Sandy Cove for their family reunion. It’s so fun to watch them enjoy a week-long vacation together. As they return year after year, they become part of the Sandy Cove Family too!

    Family Camp Family Reunions

    When you hold your reunion during Family Camp, you get all the crazy fun program including speakers, kids clubs, activities, lodging, meals and more. If you opt to stay in the campground…then you can cook your own feasts in the great outdoors. If you attend Family Camp for your Family Reunion, we will extend a 10% discount not only for you, but all members of your family (a minimum of three rooms/10 paying people to qualify for discount).

    Family Reunion

    Give a Gift of Eternal Value!

    Wouldn’t it be amazing to sit, relax and watch your family play, grow and connect with God and each other – creating memories with eternal value? Wouldn’t it be rewarding to actually watch the next generation enjoy the gift you give them? Join the growing trend of family reunions at Sandy Cove and consider gifting your children and grandchildren!

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