July 11-16, 2021 - Sandy Cove Ministries
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    July 11-16, 2021

    Curtis Zackery

    CZ (Curtis Zackery) combines a passion for communication with a desire to see lives changed for Jesus Christ. With his energetic stage presence and charismatic persona, he spreads truth to audiences all across the world. His God-given ability to connect with people of all ages, races and backgrounds sets him apart from the average speaker. CZ is committed to sharing the love of the Bible and hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether, teaching, speaking, or writing, CZ provides a perspective on the gospel that is raw, accessible and relevant

    CZ graduated from Liberty University and continued his schooling at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in Mill Valley, CA. He worked as the program director at Kids Across America before taking on a pastoral role at a church in Franklin, TN. He enjoys reading, running and exploring coffee and food spots around the country. Curtis and his wife Monique are serving and living in Franklin, TN with their two sons, Noah and Micah.

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