Laura Bayer - Sandy Cove Ministries
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    The Marsh


    Laura Bayer

    Marsh Program Director

    Hello everyone, my name is Laura!

    I am originally from Dillsburg, Pennsylvania and presently live in the area with my wonderful, handsome husband, Tim, and our comically lovable white golden retriever, Tucker. When I am not working with kids or giving Tim and Tucker hugs, I enjoy hiking, art museums, card games, coloring books, volleyball, historical buildings, picture books, and campfires.

    My favorite thing to do during the year is to be a part of summer camp! Camp has been woven through my summers for 10 years. I have camped in cabins, tents, and on an island. I have experienced camp as a camper, counselor-in-training, and staff member. Every experience has been amazing and I am so excited to jump into another fun-filled summer with you!