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    It Takes All Kinds

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    Let’s face it. When we think of giving to our favorite charities, we typically reach for our wallet and run a quick mental spreadsheet to determine what dollar value makes sense. But the truth is, “giving” is an expansive term that allows for myriad options to partner with an organization and invest in its mission – no matter what the spreadsheet suggests.

    At Sandy Cove, everything we do is an outgrowth of our desire to help people connect with God and each other. This simple statement shapes our ministry in profound ways and gives us an opportunity to lock arms with others who value its significance and are willing to invest.

    Certainly, that means financial support (and we’re grateful for it!), but there are other ways to give so that our mission can be advanced. Here are a few:

    Nearly 2,500 guests descended on the Sandy Cove campus this summer. As our summer workforce swelled by 150 full- and part-time staff, our volunteer force stepped up, too.

    Volunteers donated nearly 400 hours of their time -- just during the five weeks of Summer Together Family Camp! Tasks included registration packet prep, lunch help at The Marsh Day Camp, extra hands to fold laundry, dining room and kitchen assistance, maintenance detail and pitching in to help with little ones at Club Cove.

    The way we serve our guests and visitors – so vital to our mission – is made possible, in part, by our dedicated volunteers. But a steady rotation of volunteers is essential year-round.  If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer at Sandy Cove Ministries, apply here. We’ll do our best to match your interests and gifts with the right tasks.

    Share your story
    Are you and your family regulars at our summer family camps? Maybe you’ve attended several of our weekend programs like our Men’s, Women’s or Couples Weekends. Or, you’ve enjoyed a Michael Faircloth or Babbie Mason concert. If you did, then you know the blessing and the impact of Sandy Cove programming.

    Make sure you share your story with others, or invite them along. You’d be surprised at the number of people who haven’t attended a Sandy Cove event and we’d love to welcome new faces to our campus. If you tell them, they will come.

    Share the Sandy Cove story
    Dr. George Palmer already had a thriving radio ministry when he acquired property in North East at the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay in 1946. The purpose? To establish a summer tent revival and camp meeting facility to share teaching and preaching that stressed God’s amazing grace. Camps were built for children, numerous mission projects were accomplished around the world, and Sandy Cove Ministries was born.

    We’ve evolved and expanded in extraordinary ways since then, but we remain steadfast to the mission and this truth: “Jesus Never Fails.”

    The Sandy Cove story is still unfolding, but the 72-year history of our organization is a story worth telling.

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    We may be steeped in history (72 years – wow!), but we’re no slouch when it comes to technology and social media. Our marketing team does a great job of keeping followers tuned in to what’s going on at Sandy Cove via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Are you a follower? If not, follow us; like and share our posts with your friends and network.

    Remember, investing in Sandy Cove takes many shapes. Tell our story, share your experience, or consider volunteering your gifts and talents. Together, we can propel Sandy Cove Ministries toward the next 70 years.