Chesapeake Lodge

The Chesapeake Lodge sits on a bluff overlooking the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay. 150 hotel-style rooms and suites are located in the Lodge. You will also find meeting rooms, Prayer Room, the Water’s Edge Dining Room, fitness center, and many common areas for relaxation and fellowship.

The Chesapeake Lodge

Guest Room check in: 4 pm
Guest Room check out: 10 am

Morning Cheer Cafe

  • Morning Cheer Café with a computer kiosk and complimentary coffee
    (6-9 am / 3-7 pm)
  • Elevators and ramps for easy accessibility
  • Laundry facilities
  • Vending areas with ice
  • Microwave available at Front Desk
  • FREE Wi-Fi throughout the Lodge
  • Fitness center
  • TV room
  • Prayer room

Please Note: The Water’s Edge Dining Room may have meals available, although availability is not guaranteed (unless stated in your package). Please inquire about meals when you check in. There is no restaurant on property. Room service is not available.

Chesapeake Lodge - TV Room Fitness Room  Prayer Room
A Note about Technology
We encourage people to disconnect (from cell phones, TV, computer, etc) in order to reconnect (with God, family and friends). This is the main reason we do not have televisions in the guest rooms. People with initial misgivings about this are usually thankful for a break from TV by the end of their stay. We also understand that not everyone can completely disconnect. So we are happy to offer FREE wireless access throughout the Chesapeake Lodge and a computer kiosk in the Morning Cheer Café beside the Front Desk. No longer limited due to Sandy Cove’s rural location, our new 50 mbs fiber optic feed allows for hundreds of simultaneous connections. There is also a TV room on the 1st floor just off the main lobby that you can access with your room key, as well as a TV in the fitness center. Cell coverage is generally good on the grounds, but coverage can diminish the “deeper” you get into the lodge.

Sandy Cove Grounds Map

Click here to view and print a map of the interior layout of the Chesapeake Lodge.