From the very beginning, Sandy Cove has been blessed with generous donations from people who believe in what God can do in the hearts and lives of people when they spend time at Sandy Cove. That blessing continues today. The impact of this ministry has been felt by thousands of men, women, boys and girls thanks to the generosity of God’s people.

The need is even greater today. Will you consider giving a gift?

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Impact: Family Foundations Fund 

This unrestricted fund designation (used where needed) allows the ministry to respond quickly to new unplanned opportunities, execute special projects, and offer more scholarships to make our vision of building biblically-based families a reality.



I desperately needed this weekend in so many ways. I was spiritually, mentally, and physically bruised. Your speaker helped me – even taking time out to meet with me alone. She is amazing and so is Sandy Cove! I had a breakthrough! Oh Lord, there aren’t words to tell how great it was to be here through the partial scholarship. I love you all.  -  V. S.

This weekend has had a major impact on our marriage. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It really strengthened our marriage. Thank you, may God richly bless Sandy Cove.  - In Christ's love, A. & J. S.


Impact:  Single Parent Scholarships

It is our desire to encourage those sisters and brothers who are on the journey of single parenthood by making it possible for them and their children to come away with Jesus to Sandy Cove and experience fellowship, healing, love, rest, and hope.



At Sandy Cove I am given a new peace, a new hope, a refill of what I need to continue in my walk with God. My children have the opportunity to see what it is like for families to interact with each other, they see Godly men with their families, they are given biblical direction in their groups, they are given the freedom to make new friends and be with old ones. We have time to rest in our own time and time to connect as a family and be a family. I am hoping through faith that this will be the legacy I can give to my children. A place we always meet each year to see each other spend time with God, reflect and refuel.  –  Kim, single mom


Impact: Operation Oasis Scholarships

Service men and women are coming home from overseas tours feeling battle-weary and often changed. Many of them are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which is affecting their transition back into home life. Often the families left at home have had their own battles to fight, making the transition even harder. At Sandy Cove, we want to help these brave military families find their way back together in a beautiful ‘oasis’ where they can rest and reconnect following deployment to the war.



To all the folks who made Sandy Cove a reality for us. This week has had a profound impact on our family in so many ways. We came here intentionally to both reconnect from my last deployment and reprioritize for my upcoming deployment in just a few short weeks. We have been in a constant state of transition for the last several years with deployment moves, birth of our third child etc. In short, we have experienced some incredibly dark moments with seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel. This week has once again awakened us to the power of God to transform life. Dark days, no doubt, lie ahead, but we have recommitted as a family to see each day as day one. This simply would not have happened without Sandy Cove. Thank you to all who made this possible. It will never be forgotten!  -  Anonymous


Impact: Camp Sandy Cove Scholarships

So much can happen in just one week. Not only do campers learn archery, trapeze, outdoor living, horseback riding, and crafts, but they also develop friendships with other campers and staff. Most importantly, they are learning what it means to follow Jesus and have a real relationship with Him that lasts all year long!

Children come to Camp Sandy Cove from all walks of life. Some don’t have the financial means to pay for a week at Camp Sandy Cove. When you give generously, opportunities are provided to children who otherwise would not have such an option. Your giving can make a difference in a child’s life!



Once again I want to thank God and Camp Sandy Cove for allowing my children to attend using the scholarship program. We would not have been able to afford for them to attend otherwise. Since last year’s camp, my children have talked about their Camp Sandy Cove experience every week. They have also tried to convince their friends’ parents to allow their friends to attend. Each year I see spiritual growth as well as in other areas. They saw some of the friends that they met last year and that is always exciting for kids. It creates a sense of family, not just camp. Thank you again and we are already saving up our pennies for next summer.  -  Camper Parent