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    Free Friday Family Swims

    Cool Off This Summer at Sandy Cove

    Sandy Cove Ministries will be offering Free Family Friday Swims at the Sandy Cove pool for local families on Fridays in June, July and August, from 1 – 5 pm.

    ATTENTION! NO Free Friday Family Swim on July 19, 2019

    Sandy Cove is located 3 miles south of the town of North East, Maryland, off Route 272.
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    Please note that this is limited to families and not groups. Children must be accompanied by adults.

    We ask that all our guests sign in at the pool house and wear modest bathing suits (one-piece for girls of all ages/baggy shorts for men and boys).

    The pool complex includes a diving area, kiddie pool, enclosed sports pool and hot tub. You must be 15 years old to use the hot tub.

    There are bathhouses for changing and showering, and a snack shop offering ice cream, candy and drinks. Our pools are a “water-only-zone” because state regulations require there to be no food or drinks (which includes gum, candy, soda, etc.) in the pool area.

    Please be aware that there is a capacity limit in the pool area at any one time – come early or you may need to wait for others to leave!

    Sandy Cove is a non-alcoholic, non-smoking facility.

    Please note: 2019 is the last summer Sandy Cove will be offering Free Friday Family Swims. Read below for more details.

    Free Friday Family Swim Future

    It has been our pleasure to open up our pool to families in the community at no cost for the past few summers, but we want to alert you that this will be the last summer we can offer this opportunity.

    Fridays were once our “changeover day” with few guests in house, but our business has picked up to a pace where Fridays often have as many guests as the other days, and we need to serve them well.

    We hope that you have enjoyed swimming with us, and that you will continue to enjoy it the remaining Fridays in June, July and August of 2019.

    We are constantly looking for ways to partner with, and be good neighbors to our community, and as other opportunities arise we will be sure to let you know about them.