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    Tandem...A Weekend for 2

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    Jim and Carol Shores


    Jim and Carol Shores engage couples with laughter as they speak to the heart. As speakers, they use professional comedy theatre to illustrate their talks as they explore the real deal stuff of marriage. Everyone wants a good marriage. Jim and Carol offer couples visual learning with some good tools and encouragement to help. From nurturing love during the time of Covid to how to have a good fight, they offer down to earth presentations, giving you a great opportunity to laugh, learn and grow closer.

    Dr. Jim Shores has his Ph.D in Communications and is Chair of the Communications and Theatre Depts. at Asbury University. Carol has her MFA in Acting, a BA in Biblical Studies and teaches theatre at Asbury University as well as directs shows. Together, in their ministry work as Acts of Renewal, they have spoken and performed at marriage events across the country and worked with organizations like Familylife, Focus on the Family and Celebrate Your Marriage. Jim and Carol have a passion for encouraging marriages to thrive. They've have been married a long time and still like each other. That's a good thing. They live in Kentucky and have two young adult sons who continue to keep life entertaining and also an adventure.

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