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    June 6-7, 2019 Girls’ Night Out and A Day Off

    June 6-7, 2019

    Be blessed and encouraged! Laugh and worship!

    Fully Alive

    Thursday night and Friday morning, come join Kathy Troccoli...

    Stay Amazed! Fully Awake. Fully Aware. Fully Alive.

    A Girls' Night Out and A Day Off with Guest Speaker & Musician: Kathy Troccoli

    Kathy will be singing and poignantly sharing, adding just the right dose of humor for a memorable and soul-filled time. Her songs, (My Life is in Your Hands, Go Light your World), are known to go straight to the heart—bringing comfort, encouragement and hope.

    The morning session will include honest, tender but straightforward talk about being Fully Awake! Fully Aware! Fully Alive! His desire is that we live “more of life and a better life than we have ever dreamed of..." John 10:10.

    That’s His heart. That’s the gospel.

    Stay Amazed!

    At the end of a long day... take time to relax and laugh at Sandy Cove!

    Make it a Girls' Night Out and A Day Off!

    Thursday evening - Friday morning (or Thursday evening only is called Girls' Night Out)

    Check in any time after 4 pm.
    Take a walk, do some shopping, chat with all your friends!

    Start your evening with a delicious dinner buffet in the Water's Edge Dining Room. Then relax in the Chesapeake Auditorium for a time of entertainment, worship and laughter!

    Spend the night in the Chesapeake Lodge and relax over breakfast in the Water's Edge Dining Room. Fellowship with your sisters in Christ... devotions and "girlfriend time" with the Girls' Night Out special guests... and take some time to connect with God before heading home for the busy weekend!