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    About Ray Bollas


    Ray Bollas is the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel of Anne Arundel County. He graduated from Calvary Chapel Bible College in 1996, but he will tell you that it is not the piece of paper that makes the man a minister. It is a heart and love for the people given directly from God. Ray’s ministry philosophy is simple: Win / Disciple / Send.

    Win: To bring people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. (Romans 10:14)

    Disciple: To bring people into a deeper relationship with the Lord. To teach them the Scriptures so that they will grow in the Lord. (2 Timothy 2:15)

    Send: To send those mature Christians into their neighborhoods and the outer parts of the world to reach the lost for Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:19)

    Come, and may the Lord do a wonderful work in all of us!