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    A Widow's Journey

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    Bebe Holland


    Bebe's Story

    "What do you do when you find your husband of 44 years lying on your kitchen floor?  You follow the directions of the 911 operator even though you know he is gone.  You tell your two children that they have just lost their father.   Your world has just turned upside down and you are in shock!"

    Bebe is a retired secretary/administrative assistant with over 30 years of employment working for numerous people and divisions in Alabama and Pennsylvania.  She trained in high school and two years at Auburn University to do her job.  She loved working with and serving those she supported.  

    On that terrible day, Bebe prayed to her Lord, "How am I going to do this?"  And He answered, "I will never leave you or forsake you!"  From that moment on, in spite of the intense pain and grief, she chose to live in the moment and to choose joy.  Had she not, she would have missed much of God’s involvement and care.

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