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    Sandy Cove Blog.

      The Power of an Undesignated Gift

      If you are anything like me, there is nothing more frustrating than ambiguity. For instance, it drives me crazy when I see the miscellaneous designation on a spreadsheet. “We don't know where it fits, so we will just bury it in 'miscellaneous.' ” What is lost when we do that is clarity. For many years, our generous donors gave money to a fund

      Exponential Returns

      If you have been investing in Sandy Cove for a while, you'd probably expect that your portfolio includes shares of Summer Together Family Camp. The roots of Family Camp go all the way back to opening weekend in 1946 when people gathered for Bible teaching, good food and plenty of it, and fine fellowship with one another here in God's great


      Spiritual Formation
      I have the unique privilege of often arriving to work in the early morning, before the majority of people have begun their morning routines. As I pull onto the mile-long road that leads to the parking area, I try to remember our “Pray In and Pray Out” practice, and therefore, turn off the radio that was playing in my car and instead, seek God

    Jesus Never Fails

    With your support, Sandy Cove helps people connect with God and each other and inspires them with the timeless and hope-filled message that Jesus Never Fails.

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