Things We Need

Sandy Cove often has needs that cannot be met within our budget constraints and many of you generously see these needs and meet them in the name of Jesus. Thank you!

Capital Needs & Wish List

Below is a list of some needs not accounted for in our 2012/2013 budget.

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Sandy Cove Ministries

Recycling Bins $2,000
Housekeeping dryer $7,000
Complete sound booth remodel project in Chesapeake Auditorium $7,500
Additional riprap to prevent waterfront erosion $10,000
Chesapeake Foyer furniture $10,000
Gang mower or zero turn mower $10,000
Chesapeake Lodge hallways carpet $3,840 per floor $11,520
Bed frame bases for 75 guest rooms $160 each $12,000
4 used golf carts for staff transportation on property $3,000 each $12,000
Standard Deluxe Guest Room remodel $15,000 each
Deluxe Suite Guest Room remodel $30,000 each
Kalbach Welcome Center exterior door replacement $36,000
Cold buffet lines for Water’s Edge Dining Room $75,000

Camp Sandy Cove

Recreational equipment (basketballs, volleyballs, tennis rackets and tennis balls, soccer balls) Weights (light to medium) or other exercise equipment

4 new basketball poles/backboards/rims/nets – $750 each $3,000
10K generator to run our primary well during power outages $5,000
Cabin roof (shingles, paper, etc) $1,000
Video Editing Computer $2000
4 Digital SLR Cameras $500 each
Full cabin bathroom remodel $5,000
In many cases, gently used items are welcomed!
To donate either an item listed or to cover the cost of a specific item, please contact…

Susan Sharp at Sandy Cove 443.674.9490 or

Tim Nielsen at Camp Sandy Cove 443.674.9454 or

(May 1 through September 30, you will probably find Chief Tim at Camp: 304.856.1683)

To contribute a tax-deductible gift:

Or to mail a check, please send your gift to:
Sandy Cove Ministries
Attn: Development
60 Sandy Cove Road
North East, MD 21901